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Dog Behavior Mentorship for Shelter Professionals

The behavior profiles of shelter dogs has changed. Shelters are struggling with higher numbers plus increased pressure to find successful outcomes for dogs with challenging behaviors.

Unfortunately, most shelter-specific resources are outdated or aren't addressing the practical needs of these cases. Shelters can't wait for new resources to be created. They need help NOW. Mentorship provides remote support based on your existing resources. 

Choose from individual mentorship, for weekly 1:1 support or the 90-day group mentorship, where you will join a cohort of up to 4 other like-minded shelter pros.​ Both group and individual mentees are eligible for discounted consulting and training services for their orglanization.

90-Day Group

Weekly 90-minute sessions with a small cohort of like-minded shelter pros for 3 months. Each mentee also receives a single 1:1 session.

Group Mentorship...$900

New group starts Nov 3rd!



Weekly 1 hour sessions for personalized support for cases, program development, and more. Renew each month and pause, as needed. 



About Socially Conscious Sheltering

In addition to behavior change strategies rooted in LIMA principles, both group and individual shelter mentorship will align with the tenets of socially conscious sheltering, including:

  • Ensuring every unwanted or homeless pet has a safe place to go for shelter and care

  • Placing every healthy and safe animal

  • Alleviating suffering and making appropriate euthanasia decisions

  • Aligning policy with the needs of the community

  • Enhancing the human-animal bond through thoughtful placements and post-adoption support. Learn more

Dog Walker at the Park

Let's Talk!

Schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your mentoring needs.

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