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Dog Behavior Mentorship for Training Professionals

Mentorship gives you the support you need, where you need it most. From dissecting and strategizing individual cases, strategies for specific behaviors, navigating difficult clients, to pricing and business structure, I can help!

Choose from group support, where you will meet with me and up to 4 other pros for 90 days, or individual mentorship for personalized support. 

90-Day Group

Weekly 90-minute sessions with a small cohort for 3 months. Each mentee also receives a single 1:1 session.

Group Mentorship...$1200

New group starts Nov 3rd!



Weekly 1 hour sessions for personalized support. Renew each month and pause, as needed. 




for Dogs and Humans

All mentoring will align with LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) strategies, including the Humane Hierarchy.

All sessions will focus on increasing each mentee's understanding and application of reinforcement strategies and interventions. Learn more

Everyone is unique in their level of experience and skill, which is why I meet mentees wherever they are in their journey, regardless of past or current training methodology or tools. 

Mentorship access is granted with the understanding that LIMA principles are expected to be applied to dogs, clients, other mentees, and colleagues.

Dog Walker at the Park

Let's Talk!

Schedule a free phone consultation to discuss your mentoring needs.

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