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Lisa Mullinax
Certified Dog Behavior Consultant

I help dogs and their humans overcome training and behavior challenges through the use of practical, positive strategies. 

While Serenity Canine is new to the Seattle area, I've been helping families and their dogs for over 20 years. But I haven't just worked with challenging dogs, I've shared my life with them, which has given me a unique insight into the needs of the dogs and the humans in their lives.


I utilize positive reinforcement strategies with all dogs and adapt the lessons and exercises to each dog, depending on their needs. 

Early in my career, I was a "balanced" trainer, using a combination of reward and punishment. Over time, the dogs and wolves I worked with showed me that there were better and more effective ways to change behavior without the use of aversives. Believe me, when a wolf tells you to do better, you listen! 

But dog training isn't just about the dog, it's also about the human. I'm committed to a collaborative approach with my clients, because a training plan that isn't practical for you won't be effective. 


Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, IAABC

Since 2001, I have assisted clients with their dogs' fear, reactivity, aggression, and hyperarousal challenges. I've worked with over 4500 dogs and 250 different breeds, including wolfdogs and village dogs.

I previously managed the behavior programs at Seattle Humane and Denver Dumb Friends League, developed a new behavior program for the Sacramento SPCA, and served as a consultant for multiple animal shelters throughout Northern California. 

I have also served as an expert witness in California Superior Court cases.

Continuing education is crucial for staying on top of the most recent discoveries and training techniques. To date, I've accrued over 500 hours through seminars, conferences, and workshops taught by leading professionals in animal behavior. 


Elrond, my first dog


Mac, who started it all


Parker, my business partner and supervisor for 14 years


Simon the Cattlemonster - possibly my greatest challenge!

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