Lisa Mullinax, CDBC

Me with my first dog, Elrond


Mac, who started it all


Parker, who was my business partner and supervisor for 14 years


Simon the Cattlemonster - possibly my biggest challenge!

For over 20 years, I've helped families and their dogs with fearful, reactive, and aggressive behaviors. 

Although I lived with many dogs throughout my life, my journey into dog behavior started in 2000, when my own dog, Mac, bit a neighbor. I was fortunate to find a wonderful trainer who not only helped Mac, but also taught me how to help other dog owners. 

In 2003, my partners and I began offering classes and behavior consultations as 4Paws University. Our classes became extremely popular, with over 4,000 dogs attending over the next 10 years. In 2013, I shifted my focus to only behavior cases and helped families whose dogs struggled with fear, reactivity, and aggression. The 4Paws University Facebook page still has over 40,000 followers and my posts are shared by behavior professionals worldwide.

I relocated to the Seattle area in 2019 to manage the Behavior Department at Seattle Humane, providing remote support to our foster homes and adopters during the pandemic. After seeing how many homes struggled to find help for their dogs, I founded Serenity Canine.


Early in my career, I used "balanced" training methods. Over time, the wolves, shelter dogs, and thousands of pet dogs I've worked with taught me that was not the most effective ways to change behavior. Believe me, when a wolf tells you to do better, you listen!

Since then, I have abandoned aversive tools and methods and evolved to utilize positive reinforcement strategies. I focus on practical behavior plans that are customized to the needs of each dog and their families.


I'm a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant through the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants.

In addition to serving as an expert witness in California, I previously managed the behavior programs at Seattle Humane and Denver Dumb Friends League, developed a new behavior program for the Sacramento SPCA, and consulted for multiple shelters throughout Northern California. 

Continuing education is crucial for staying on top of the most recent discoveries and training techniques. So far, I've accrued more than 500 hours of learning through seminars, conferences, and workshops taught by the leading professionals in animal behavior. 


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