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Help for Challenging Behaviors

Fear. Aggression. Reactivity. Hyperarousal.

For over 20 years, I have helped dogs and their humans with challenging behaviors. From Yorkies to Wolfdogs, I can help. My behavior programs consider all aspects of your dog's life, from their health and environment, to their current routine and past experiences. All family members are welcome and encouraged to participate.

Month-to-Month Behavior Program

This unique program provides you with weekly support and coaching and includes two in-person sessions and two remote sessions each month so you continue making steady progress. Continue as long as you need and stop when you're ready. Most people should expect to need 2-3 months.

Local Clients: $750/month

We meet every two weeks at your home or other location for training, then by video every other week to keep you on-track and troubleshoot problems. 

Remote Clients: $595/month

All weekly sessions are conducted via video (Google Meet).

Read the FAQ's for more details

Get Started

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to speak with me about your behavior and training needs and learn more about me and my approach.

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