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Hyperarousal Webinar

"Jumpy-Mouthy" behavior, "humping," leash biting and other behaviors categorized as "arousal" are big problems in the shelter and the home. Many of the interventions recommended for these problems, including "ignoring" the unwanted behavior, "redirecting" the dog to toys or treats, or even verbal punishment not only backfire, but make the problem worse over time.

In this 2-hour presentation, you will learn practical strategies you can use in the home, with clients, or in the shelter. You will have an opportunity to ask questions during the live Q&A.

Choose from two dates: 

Sunday June 23 11am PST

Thursday July 11 4pm PST

Registration $59

CCPDT and IAABC CEUs pending

The recording will be available to registrants for 90-days after the presentation.

After the live events, the recording will be available for 90-day rental for $69.

Register Now

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