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Recommended Products

Food Rewards

These are more economical in the long run than the small bags of treats sold in pet stores.

Red Barn Beef Roll
Price: $15 for 4 lb roll

This is what I use in training sessions and have used it for over 20 years. 

  • Pros: Dogs LOVE it. Can be cut into any size. Pliable, so can make round or flat, as needed.​​​ Can be found at MudBay.

  • Cons: Needs some preparation. Needs to be refrigerated before and after cutting. Can get crumbly over time. 

Ziwi Peak Air-Dried Food

Price: $47 for 2 lb bag.

One bag has a LOT of perfectly-sized, high-value treats.

  • Pros: Perfectly-sized for training session. No refrigeration needed.

  • Cons: Higher price than others. Some flavors (mackerel) can be pretty stinky.

K9 Connoisseur Beef Lung

Price: $40 for 2 lb bag.

This is a huge bag and one lasts me about a month or more. 

  • Pros: Lasts a long time. No refrigeration needed.

  • Cons: Some pieces are pretty big and need to be cut with a knife.

Red Barn Air-Dried Dog Food

Price: $40 for 2 lb bag.

Small, crunchy bites. Comes in chicken or beef. 

  • Pros: Perfect small size. No refrigeration needed. Better price than Ziwi Peak.

  • Cons: New product - harder to find. 

FreshPet Select Roasted Meals

Price: $12 for 1.75 lb bag.

Bite-sized chicken meatballs. Cat version has smaller bites.

  • Pros: Reasonably priced. No preparation. Found in most grocery stores.

  • Cons: Needs refrigeration. Little bits of whole chicken and carrot that can be messy in training.

Fresh Pet also sells a food roll, which is a little more moist than RedBarn, but holds together well when cut.

At home between training sessions, I keep a jar with a mix of Simon's regular food, a handful of 3-4 different dried treats, and some Cheerios for quick access.


I use all of these both personally and professionally - I've tried many other brands/versions and these are what I have found to be the best quality and design.

Food Pouch
Doggone Good Rapid Rewards

Leash: 6' length, 1/2" width (3/8" for smaller dogs)

J&J Supplies Leather Leash


Car Carrier 
Sherpa Tube Tunnel

Front-Clip Harness (Harness only, not leashes)
Freedom Harness or Balance Harness


Baskerville Ultra Muzzle

Note: While some of these products contain affiliate links, I only recommend products I have personally tested and use regularly.

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