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Better Handling for Better Interactions

Live online event

Saturday, December 3, 2022
11:00am PST

In over 20 years as a trainer, I've seen behavior problems caused by handling errors and I've seen amazing transformations in challenging dogs because of really good handling.

This is not a webinar about dog training. You don't have to be a dog trainer to have good handling skills...but I would never have succeeded as a trainer without them!

If you work with dogs in shelters, rescues, vet clinics, daycares, or as a dog walker or pet sitter, these skills are essential for safety and cooperation! This webinar is also for pet owners/parents/guardians who want to improve their interactions with their own dogs.

This online class will teach you how to be a better handler, including:

  • How to move a dog

  • How to hold a leash safely and skillfully

  • How to use treats as tools

  • Quick and dirty tricks for fast cooperation

  • How to avoid mistakes when meeting new dogs

  • What dogs are learning from their interactions with you

  • What your body language says

  • What the dog's body language says

  • What to do in emergencies

  • And more!

These skills will not only improve your interactions with your own dog, but are essential for anyone who works or volunteers with dogs in shelters, rescues, daycares, and vet clinics. Also ideal for dog walkers and pet sitters!

This event will be recorded and available to registrants for 90 days.

CEUs pending for IAABC and CCPDT.

$40 per person
Enter code ESSENTIAL15 at checkout


Group discount and registration available for shelter and rescue groups with 5 or more attendees.

Contact me for details.

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