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White pit bull sitting in front of dog trainer
Fast Track Program

This 30-day program provides you with effective training  and instruction that works around your busy schedule, all while keeping your dog safe and comfortable at home.

How It Works

While anyone can learn how to train their dog, not everyone is able to practice with their dog every day. Changing fearful, reactive, or aggressive behavior requires daily, consistent training. But traditional board-and-train services aren't designed for behavior modification and harsh training methods can make things worse.

This program gives you the best of both worlds. Professional positive reinforcement training for your dog and expert instruction for you. Includes remote support between lessons, so you continue to make steady progress.

Total package (10 sessions): $2,500

30-Day Sample Schedule

Lesson 1  

Lessons 2-4


Lesson 5 

Lessons 6-8


Lesson 9


Lesson 10 

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1

Initial Consultation - You and your dog 


Training session - Dog only

Coaching session - You and your dog

Training session - Dog only

Coaching session - You and your dog

Coaching session - You and your dog

Behavior change is a long-term process. Individual sessions are available as-needed once the total program is complete to keep you moving forward.

Schedule Your First Appointment

Schedule your initial consultation, which will be conducted via video chat, unless we discussed otherwise during our phone call.

A $295 deposit is required to schedule. The full amount will be applied to the total package.

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