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Help For All Training & Behavior Needs

No two dogs are exactly the same and their training program should reflect that. Whether you are looking for general training for a new dog or a behavior change program for fear, reactivity, or aggression, I can help.


My program is a collaborative process between the trainer, the dog, and their human(s). Working as a team, we will create strategies that are practical for you and your busy life. I welcome the participation of all household members in training sessions (as appropriate).

I am available to my clients between sessions via text, phone, and video, so you are never left struggling between appointments. Scheduling and rescheduling is easy and my calendar can be accessed online any time of day.

All clients start with an initial consultation. From there, the 8-week program provides bi-weekly lessons, with training instruction and coaching. Need extra help, clients can schedule video sessions, as needed.


Initial Consultation


New clients start here with this ​90-minute session for a full assessment.


  • Behavior assessment

  • Practical strategies for behavior management

  • Instructions on foundation exercises, if applicable

Price can be applied to 8-week program within 14 days of initial consultation.


8-Week Program


For clients who have completed initial consultation. 


  • 4 private in-person lessons 

  • Customized training and behavior plan

  • Instruction on training  exercises

  • Practice in real-life settings


Remote Consultation


For existing clients. 


45 minute video session  for extra support between lessons.​

Add as needed.

Schedule a free 15-minute consultation to speak with me about your behavior and training needs and learn more about me and my approach.

Get Started

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