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Mentee Application

Please tell me more about yourself and your mentoring needs. Once I receive your application, I'll reach out to schedule a video call, so we can get to know each other better and determine if we are a good fit for mentorship.

What kind of mentoring are you interested in?
Which mentoring option are you applying for?
What is your current level of experience?
Are you already working with behavior cases?


Group mentorship may include discussions of difficult topics, including behavioral euthanasia. Attendees will come from diverse backgrounds, levels of experience, and philosophies which may differ from your own.


By checking this box, you agree that you are prepared to engage respectfully and maintain the confidentiality of other mentees, so that everyone has a supportive space that encourages learning and growth. You also agree that violation of these and other guidelines may result in termination of mentorship without credit or refund.

Thanks for submitting your application! I will reach out soon to schedule a time for us to speak. -Lisa

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